The Broads is famed for it’s large pike with many 40lb plus being recorded over the years. Today much is being done to understand stocks and underlining movements of the Broadland Pike, with over 300 fish now tagged in a leading project with the Environment Agency and BASG.

For Pike fishing within the Broads a boat is the key tool as much of the large open Broads are inaccessible from the bank.

A Broads Pike fishing DVD was created in 2013 and is available to view here

Rod: Pike Rod 2-3lb TC
Float: Pike Float
Landing Net: Specimen Landing Net
Hooks: Treble Hooks Size 6-10
Hook Line: Wire Trace 20lb
Main Line: 15lb Min
Important Items:  Forceps, unhooking mat
Baits: Dead Road/Rudd Sea Baits


  1. Pike Float
  2. Link Clip
  3. Braid Stop & Bead
  4. Main Line 15lbs
  5. Drilled Lead 1oz
  6. Swivel Link
  7. Trebles and Wire Trace